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Warren County, OH

Lawn Care in Warren County, OH

There are a multitude of issues that make it difficult to maintain a beautiful lawn in Warren County. However, Velvet Lawns has been providing lawn care solutions to homeowners since 1995, with top-notch customer service. Our mission is not to push products and services on you, just to make your lawn look its best. We guarantee that you will be happy with our services and if you’re not, we will return to fix any problems within 48 hours.

Fertilization and Weed Control in Warren County

Fertilization and weed control work together to nourish your grass to make it stronger and healthier, while eliminating competition for resources from weeds. Both are an essential part of our lawn care programs.

When you partner with Velvet Lawns for fertilization and weed control in Warren County, you can expect:

  • Use of the highest quality fertilizers at every visit.
  • A pre-emergent weed control application in the early spring
  • Additional weed management throughout the season.
  • Custom lawn care packages, ranging from 4-7 visits, based on your needs.

Tree and Shrub Care in Warren County

Trees and shrubs personalize your landscaping and make your yard unique. They can increase the value of your home and add to your enjoyment of your yard through shade, shelter for wildlife, and more. Although it seems like they need no special attention, that is not true. Our ornamental care program at Velvet Lawns is designed to ensure proper nutrition for your trees and shrubs, as well as protection from disease, drought, and insects.

Our tree and shrub care program in Warren County consists of 4 product applications that include:

  • A dormant oil application in the early spring to smother insects while your plants are still dormant.
  • 2 applications of a custom-formulated liquid fertilizer sprayed onto the foliage and trunks of your ornamentals.
  • 2 insecticide applications directed at the leaves of trees and shrubs for additional insect control.
  • A deep root feeding to inject fertilizer into the root zone of your plants to maximize nutritional benefits.

Aeration and Overseeding in Warren County

If your lawn isn’t responding to proper fertilization and weed control like you think it should, it is possible that you have a problem with soil compaction or thatch build-up and could use lawn aeration. Signs that are a good indication you have a problem include:

  • Standing water after it rains.
  • Grass that is thinning or dead in some areas.
  • Increased water run-off.

Velvet Lawn’s aeration service will remove soil cores to loosen the soil, allowing better penetration of nutrients, air and water. The addition of overseeding with a blend of grasses takes advantage of increased seed germination after aeration to make your lawn thick and lush in no time. The result is a healthy lawn with increased disease and drought resistance!

Grub Control in Warren County 

Grubs, the larval stage of June bugs, are one of the most serious dangers to Warren County lawns. They ravenously eat the roots of your grass, destroying it in the process. Once the damage is done, you need to start over to repair your turf.

Signs that you have a grub problem include:

  • Patches of dead grass.
  • Turf sections that can be lifted like a rug.
  • Large numbers of wild animals digging in your yard to feast on the grubs below.

If you notice any of these signs, contact the experts at Velvet Lawn for help in eradicating your grub infestation with their effective treatments.

Flea and Tick Control in Warren County 

A summer tradition that we don’t need is worrying about fleas and ticks. These blood thirsty pests are annoying and transmit many serious illnesses to people and animals. Although they mostly bother our pets, they can hitch a ride inside and create havoc, as they are difficult to eliminate. Our granular flea and tick treatment quickly eradicates them from your lawn, allowing your family and pets to roam your yard safely.

Cities We Service in Warren County

  • Carlisle
  • Franklin
  • Lebanon
  • Mason
  • Springboro

Partner with the experienced lawn care specialists at Velvet Lawn today for an immaculate lawn tomorrow. Pre-pay for the season and we will include a free aeration service or grub control application in appreciation of your confidence in us!