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Sometimes your lawn requires special attention due to certain factors beyond your control. At Velvet Lawns, we offer more services designed to fix and repair damaged or struggling lawns, beyond fertilization and weed control.

Core Aeration/Seeding in Ohio

Over time the wear and tear caused by traffic, thatch build-up, and other factors can cause our soil to be compacted. If soil is compacted long enough it can have a visible effect on our lawn.

Signs of Soil Compaction

It may be hard to tell at first if your soil is compacted but, once the signs present themselves, you’ll want to get the issue taken care of quickly before more costly damage is done to your lawn. Some of the signs of soil compaction include:

  • Water always puddles up in certain areas.
  • Thinning or dead patches of grass.
  • Water runs off the soil and does not absorb into the ground.

When soil becomes compact it prevents your grass from getting water and oxygen, essentially suffocating your grass.

The best way to remedy this issue and restore your lawn to its former glory is to schedule an aeration service. Core aeration is the process of pulling hundreds of small cores from your soil using a machine. This allows air, water, and fertilizer back into the soil so your grass can grow and thrive. Aeration also solves your thatch problem, encourages root growth, and promotes the habitat for microorganisms resulting in an attractive and healthy yard.

Overseeding in Ohio

At Velvet Lawns when we come out to aerate we often overseed as well. Overseeding is the process of applying new grass seed to fill bare or thin areas and thicken up your existing grass. When combined with aeration it can greatly improve the appearance of your lawn.

Overseeding builds up your turf’s defenses

Having only one grass type in your yard can leave your lawn vulnerable to a myriad of issues. By blending different types of grasses you greatly improve your lawns defense against diseases, drought, and pests.

Overseeding reduces weeds

Weeds are constantly looking for a weak spot in your yard where they can grow and crowd out your grass. Overseeding can make your grass thicker which can prevent weeds from germinating in the first place.

Overseeding is often done alongside core aeration to improve the lushness and strength of your lawn. Soil compaction can severely stress your grass causing it to thin out. This is an open invitation for pests and weeds to take over. Overseeding is the practice of establishing new grass and different grass types in your yard to boosts your lawn’s resistance to pests, diseases, and even drought.

Flea & Tick Control in Ohio

Another additional service we provide for our customers is flea and tick control. These tiny pests can live virtually anywhere in your yard without you knowing about it, usually in places without direct sunlight. Outside, these insects usually remain harmless to humans but when they are brought inside by cats or dogs they can cause a lot of problems.

Once inside, fleas can live anywhere. Your sofa, carpets, and even beds. A female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime making getting rid of these pests a real pain.

Dangers of Fleas & Ticks

Fleas can also carry diseases which can affect both pets and pet owners.

  • Tapeworms: Fleas can carry tapeworms that can be ingested by cats, dogs, and even infants.
  • Allergies: Flea fecal matter and saliva can cause allergic reactions in both animals and humans.
  • Murine Typhus: Fleas contract this disease by biting infected rats. Symptoms include body aches, fever, and nausea.

The best way to deal with fleas is to prevent them in the first place. At Velvet Lawns, we use a granular treatment to eliminate fleas and ticks fast so they don’t hitch a ride on your pets.

Perimeter Pest Control in Ohio

Another popular service we provide is perimeter pest control. This is a liquid treatment applied around the foundation of your house to keep out intruding bugs like spiders, ants, box elder bugs, stinkbugs, and ladybugs. Basically, if you’re a bug, you’re in trouble.

The perimeter pest control package comes with 4 treatments a year and is re-applied about every 8 weeks.